Sunday, July 28, 2013

over the walls

God doesn't believe in boxes.

God pays no attention to the boxes we create, no-
In fact, he came to abolish these boxes.

Jesus got in trouble for stuff like this a lot, we read about it in the gospels. 

Like, he was hanging out with those people.
The "unbelievers."
The "sinners". 

And the Pharisees were all like, "Come on, what's your deal? These people aren't Christians. They're not spiritual. They're outsiders."
And Jesus? 
He essentially proceeds to blow all their labels to pieces- declaring that "he came for them".

For the broken.
The busted.
The "Outsiders".

Jesus never labeled them anything other than his beloved. The ones whom he came to rescue and redeem.
He didn't stab an accusing finger at them and scream "Sinner!" or "Unsaved!" or "Outsider!"

Jesus never did this.

And if Jesus- who is the pure, unabridged expression and person of God -didn't label people like this?

If Jesus didn't point out "sinners",
and didn't call people "outsiders", 

What on earth makes us think that we should?
What makes us think that we should judge?

When Jesus explicitly tells us, in John's brilliant book, that he came for the whole world-
the whole world, as in,
the drunk on the street,
your pastor,
the messed up kid in rehab,
your youth group leader,
the criminal on death row-

that kind of whole world.

Literally everyone.

In fact, later on, in the book of Acts, Peter gets this revelation- when God speaks to him, saying "Don't call unclean, what I have made clean."

This wasn't just about animals. This, for Peter, had deep, infinite meaning, 
and this is why he declares to Cornelius the next day, when he falls at Peter's feet, that "I am but a man also." aka, "We're equals."

There was no 'holier than thou' or 'in > out' crowd scenario.

No, Peter boldly declares that God is no respecter of persons.
That he loves us all. Has cleansed us all.

God wanted Peter to know that he wasn't okay with some of his children being called "sinners" and "outsiders".

Jesus died on the cross with and for us all- not just some. 

Jesus wasn't okay with the labels Peter had started to allow to slip into his thinking.
He wasn't okay with it then,
and he's not okay with it now.
Jesus sees everyone through love. And God's desire is for us to see things from his point of view.
Because our identity is in him.
And in him? There are no boxes.

No labels.

No dividers.

In this brilliant book called Genesis, it's written that Joseph- a type of Christ -is " a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall"

Jesus told us that he is the vine.

He is the fruitful vine that runs- unstoppable -over all of our walls- reaching and entangling absolutely everyone.
He never built the walls.
We built the walls.
But Jesus doesn't even pay attention to them.
He goes over them.
And he invites us to join him.

..Just a few thoughts.

Friday, May 17, 2013

scandal of grace

I can't even explain how much I absolutely love this song. It's beyond words. <3

Grace, what have You done?
Murdered for me on that cross
Accused in absence of wrong
My sin washed away in Your blood
 Too much to make sense of it all
I know that Your love breaks my fall
The scandal of grace,
You died in my place
So my soul will live

Oh to be like You
Give all I have just to know You
Jesus, there's no one besides You
Forever the hope in my heart

Death, where is your sting?
Your power is as dead as my sin
The cross has taught me to live
And mercy, my heart now to sing
The day and its trouble shall come
I know that Your strength is enough
The scandal of grace,
You died in my place
So my soul will live

Oh to be like You
Give all I have just to know You
Jesus, there's no one besides You
Forever the hope in my heart

And it's all, because of You, Jesus
It's all, because of You, Jesus
It's all, because of Your love
That my soul will live

Oh to be like You
Give all I have just to know You
Jesus, there's no one besides You
Forever the hope in my heart

Thursday, May 9, 2013

today (again)

Today I discovered that I absolutely love Hillsong United.

...Need I say more?


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

something incredibly exciting...

So, you can read a lot more about this HERE (at my other blog- Dream Sailor), but my favorite Jesus-loving bands is doing a kickstarter project for the release of their new album, and I would like to ask, implore and quite possibly get down on my knees and full on beg you to pledge to the project and spread the word via your blog, facebook, twitter, smoke-signal network- whatever.

It would mean SO much.

Check it out below- and if you've never heard their music? *tense, epic, pause* You. Need. To. Like, right now. Urgently.
In fact here- put on your best pair of headphones and listen:

Yeah. Exactly.

Now pledge here, pretty please with cherries on top:


Saturday, May 4, 2013

fix m y e y e s . . .

H I T   R E W I N D 
(click delete)
I'm face
[with a younger me]
a l l   o f   t h e   m i s t a k e s ,
all of the heartbreaks-
here's what i'd do 
d i f f e r e n t l y : 

I'd fight for the weak ones-
{speak out for freedom.}
Live life for another,
take time for a brother,
I'd love like I'm not scared-
give when it's not fair
find faith in the battle-
stand tall but above it all:

I'll fix m y  e y e s 
on  y  o  u 

(Love these guys!)

Friday, May 3, 2013

proverbs four

The title says it all!
Like Jesus told Martha in the gospels, the one and ONLY thing we need is HIM.
Cling to Him, to his wisdom and his understanding.
Because if you lean on your own 'wisdom' and experiences? It will never work. For we have died with Christ- and it's no longer 'we' that live. IT'S ALL HIM!
So how can be possibly lean on anything other than Him? Nothing else exists BUT HIM.
He is all that we are and all that we need.
We are nothing other than what he says we are in the word.
He has nothing more to say about us than what he already said in Jesus!
That we are clean, beautiful, righteous, pure and married to HIM!
So I can and will strive to settle my mind and heart- knowing that I can rest in my true identity which is simply Christ in me- the hope of glory!